Creative Support for IT and Computer Skills.

I have recently an award from Creative Support for IT and Computer Skills.


Steve has been giving me Computer lessons since 20/3/15 and I have learnt a lot of different things about the computer since he was showing me how to do things on it, because he has shown me what to do and how to do it the proper way to do things, Because he has explained it to me as well that is why I like doing things on the Computer a lot more . I have done quite a lot of different things with him I am doing my only Blog with him and I like doing it because he is showing me a lot of things that I can put on to it like when I have been out to parties or out with friends or on holidays.

I put all that on to my Blog and I have got a certificate and it says on it This certificate is presented to Paul Howarth In recognition of skills in website development and image compression.

Signed by S. Matthews 22th July 2017.


That is why I like him coming he used to come to me on Friday but now it is on a Saturday morning till 12pm because he is very busy doing other things as well as doing Teaching people on the computer he does something in a shop as well for a friend.

Steve has always come up to my house to do the computer lessons and he as never asked me for his bus fare and he has come on two buses from where he lives like some people would ask you for their fare there and back by putting the price on your cost what they were charging you for the computer lessons.

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